Dunnage - Manufacturing

Dunnage is generally classified as the material that is added to a container to support the part during transit. Dunnage can be anything from cardboard to foam to plastic as well as many other materials. Dunnage selection is determined by many factors such as part classification, weight and budget. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any one of our sales representatives located in the CONTACT section. 


Foam Dunnage


From density to size, we can do any foam dunnage insert that a rack or pack may need. We have a firm understanding that we use in every design but we promote interaction with our clients to achieve the best result.

Bag Dunnage


Bag dunnage can be designed and manufactured out of various materials. Different materials offer different features that can compliment a programs execution. 

Cardboard Dunnage


Cardboard dunnage is cost effective and lightweight. Cardboard can be combined with other materials to protect a surface parts during transit. 

Corrugated Plastic Dunnage


Corrugated plastic dunnage shares the same attributes as cardboard although it's life cycle is much longer. 

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